Designing high performance jobs

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Designing High-Performance Jobs

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Designing high-performance jobs.

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Designing Organizations For High Performance 1.

Designing High-Performance Jobs

jobs and roles, • The relationships among organizational units (the cross-organizational linkages among business units and functions), • The assignment of resources, • The forms of decision-making and governance, • The focus of managerial behavior, time and attention, and other key.

Harvard Business Review 83, nos. 7/8 (July–August ). Of course, there is designed for high performance, you must are many possible reasons for such a failure put yourself in the shoes of your organiza- harvard business review • july-august page 2 Designing High-Performance Jobs tion’s managers.

Harvard Business Review 83, nos. 7/8 (July–August ). The jobs that are not core contributors to competitive advantage also are not necessarily high-performance design candidates.

For example, Starbucks does not need high-performance sanitation services in its stores, in contrast to the manufacturing clean rooms in the bottom row of Table 1. A HPWS is all about determining what jobs a company needs done, designing the jobs, identifying and attracting the type of employee needed to fill the job, and then evaluating employee performance and compensating them appropriately so .

Designing high performance jobs
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Designing a High-Performance Work System – Principles of Management