Discuss explanations of forgetting


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Outline and Evaluate Two Explanations of Forgetting.

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Describe and evaluate the explanations of forgetting

Forgetting is closest when context and state are very difficult at encoding and retrieval. OUTLINE AND EVALUATE TWO EXPLANATIONS OF FORGETTING It can be said that while we were studying the capacity of long term memory and short term memory we over looked forgetting. The reason for memory missing has been tried to solve by many psychologists with different experiments.

Forgetting is an all too common part of daily life. Sometimes these memory slips are simple and fairly innocuous, such as forgetting to return a phone call. Other times, forgetting can be much more dire and even have serious consequences, such as an eyewitness forgetting important details about a crime.

Forgetting that occurs through physiological damage to the brain is referred to as organic causes of forgetting. These theories encompass the loss of information already retained in long term memory or the inability to encode new information.

an explanation that proposes that forgetting in long-term memory occurs because other memories interfere with retrieval of what you are trying to recall, particularly if the other memories are similar to the one you are trying to remember.

Motivated forgetting.

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 Explanations of forgetting Forgetting has multiple meanings in psychology, in general it refers to a person’s loss of the ability to recall or a thing they have already learned.

This essay will examine the different explanations of forgetting – specifically trace decay, displacement, interference and/or cue dependent forgetting.

Outline and Evaluate Two Explanations of Forgetting.

Discuss explanations of forgetting. There are two different types of explanations as to how we forget in the STM. The two theories are the decay theory and the displacement theory.

Discuss explanations of forgetting
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