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The French New Wave: A Cinematic Revolution

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10 Reasons Why Italian Neorealism is the Most Important Film Movement in History

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La Nouvelle Vague (or French New Wave) was a term used to describe the work of a group of French filmmakers produced during the late s and the mid s.

As a. Often cited as the most influential film movement in Western cinematic history, even the prodigious impact of La Nouvelle Vague (the French New Wave of cinema in. With Godard, Claude Chabrol was the most prolific of the major nouvelle vague filmmakers.

His debut Le Beau Serge was one of the movement’s early warning signals, and by the end of the 60s he’d finished 16 more features and several shorts. Metropolis: An Influential Film Masterpiece InFritz Lang created a place for himself in the history of cinema when he made and released the film Metropolis.

This film has become a significant influence on the film industry in many ways. Metropolis is considered by many to be a landmark German film. La Nouvelle Vague: Influential. How and where to start watching the Nouvelle Vague, French New Wave, and International new wave films.

professing admiration for the movement and employing many of its techniques. As Scorsese himself put it: "the French New Wave has influenced all filmmakers who have worked since, whether they saw the films or not. La Jetée (The Pier.

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