Low paying jobs

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Careers to Avoid: Lowest-Paying Professional Jobs

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Report: Jobs in Florida cities have lowest pay in the nation

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10 Best Entry-Level Jobs With Long-Term Potential

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Older workers have low unemployment, but hold low-paying jobs

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The Politics of Poverty

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BPO rebuke over 'low-paying' jobs - Major player rubbishes Byles' claims

These admittedly low-paying jobs can put you on a track for a lucrative career down the road — after you pay your dues for a couple of years. Sales Representative You hear it time and time again; it takes a special personality to really excel in the world of sales.

About half of all workers with low basic skills have low-paying jobs, positions paying less than $ per hour in dollars. And low basic skills have a significant, depressing effect on wage levels, even when education and other characteristics are taken into account. Minimum-wage jobs are meant to be the first rung on a career ladder, a chance for entry-level workers to prove themselves before earning a promotion or moving on to other, better-paying jobs.

Jun 29,  · Many entry-level jobs start at minimum wage or not much more. Industries in which new employees who are not in management positions can expect to initially earn low wages include those in. When we think of government jobs, we often think of safe but low-paying jobs that will put food on the table, but never put you in a top tax bracket.

So you may be surprised to find out that. March 21, During any debate about the gender pay gap, one argument will eventually emerge: women make less than men because they choose lower-paying jobs.

Low paying jobs
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