Shah pakistan faisal mosque

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Faisal of Saudi Arabia

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Shah Faisal:The World’s Largest Mosque

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Commons is a freely licensed media file repository. You can help. Lyallpur, the third largest city of Pakistan, was renamed Faisalabad (literally, "City of Faisal") in in his honor.

One of the two major PAF bases in Pakistan's Sindh province's largest city, Karachi, is named "PAF Base Faisal" in honour of King Faisal. King Faisal was eulogized by lyricist Robert Hunter in the title track of the Grateful Dead's album Blues for Allah.

In Russian Arabist Alexei Vassiliev published a biography, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia: Personality, Faith and Times. Shah Faisal Mosque Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan is the biggest mosque of South Asia and the sixth largest mosque in the world with covered area of square meter (54, square feet), and room for containing as many asworshipers in its main prayer hall, porticoes, courtyard and adjoining grounds.

The eye-popping Shah Faisal Mosque, nestled at the foot of the Margalla Hills, is one of Asia's largest and reflects an eclectic blend of ultramodern and. Getting to Faisal Mosque. The Shah Faisal Mosque in Islamabad is located at Shah Faisal Ave, E-8, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan.

Public transport is available from most parts of the city to Faisal Mosque.

Shah pakistan faisal mosque
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