Some helpful facts in treating hepatitis b

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Hepatitis C Questions and Answers for Health Professionals

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Feb 02,  · " the very difficult disease that you can not foresee what will happen is hepatitis B. i am naive-treatment on entecavir.5 mg since September ' i hope during few coming months we will hear about the big discovery either in west of the earth or in the east of the world that some person found a chemical compound that can kill.

Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment of Hepatitis B and C

HCSP Facts (Treatment) While there are well-defined and established guidelines for some disease states such as HIV, hypertension, and others, it is less clear when it comes to adherence for HCV therapy. (FDA) go through a vigorous clinical development process to find out if the drug is safe and effective in treating a specific condition.

People with chronic hepatitis B should seek the care or consultation of a doctor with experience treating hepatitis B. This can include some internists or family medicine practitioners, as well as specialists such as infectious disease physicians, gastroenterologists, or hepatologists (liver specialists).

Some trials have shown vitamin E to be helpful in treating hepatitis B and to reduce liver damage in people with hepatitis C. Vitamin E levels have been shown to be low in people with hepatitis, as well as in those who later develop.

Do You Know Your Hepatitis Facts from Fiction?

Aug 18,  · How to Treat Hepatitis B. Hepatitis B is an inflammation of the liver through a virus known as HBV. Although a vaccine does exist, no cure as of yet does. Take steps to avoid transmitting the disease to others. 93% of readers found this article helpful. votes - 93%.

Treatment & Prevention

Click a star to add your vote%(). The antiviral medications used in treating hepatitis B aren't effective for hepatitis D. If the chronic disease progresses to liver failure a liver transplant may be necessary.

The results of transplantation for hepatitis D are usually better than for hepatitis B.

Some helpful facts in treating hepatitis b
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