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What Is Art Therapy?

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Art therapy

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100 Art Therapy Exercises

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100 Art Therapy Exercises

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Expressive Therapy

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Traditionally, Art Therapy apps and adult coloring books can’t be classified as Art Therapy unless they are designed by licensed professionals.

Often this lack of credentials is the case with mass-marketed adult coloring books (About Art Therapy, ). Art therapy is the use of artistic expression, such as painting, drawing, sculpting or other artistic mediums, to enhance the recovery process.

Art therapy can be a therapeutic and stress-relieving approach to recovery, which is a stressful period. Therapy Emotions Artistic Becoming An Art Therapist “Art therapy is a type of psychotherapy that encourages the expression of emotions through artistic activities such as painting, drawing or sculpture; psychotherapy based on the belief that the creative process involved in the making of art is healing and life-enhancing” (Webster’s.

I then use the completed art piece to discuss with the client what triggers certain emotions and whether the client would like to change the amount of any emotions. This intervention can be done near the beginning of therapy as an assessment and then done later to evaluate changes.

Therapy Emotions Artistic

But because art making is a sensory experience that actually can lead to changes in mind and body, exploring both positive and negative feelings through image-making, accompanied by some good talk therapy, can refocus your emotional outlook in a fashion similar to cognitive-behavioral therapy [CBT].

It's also a practice worth repeating over time-- and you learn more about that in the next installment, Cool .

Therapy emotions artistic
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